The New Moon!

Ramzan ka Chand Mubarak! My cell phone was literally flooded with the text messages and Ramzan wishes today. While friends were super excited, posting pictures of the ‘Naya Chand’ on social media and talking about their Ramzan resolutions, I sat quietly outside on the curb, under the sky, looking at the moon, sulking and thinking of someone dearest to me. Someone who was a friend, a sister and perhaps half of my soul. Since she left, there has not been a single day in these 6 months that I didn’t miss her but thinking of her was inevitable at this very moment. Reason? It’s the ‘Naya Chand’ (New moon)!

She used to be super excited to see the new moon. She always waited for it. Eagerly! Whenever it appeared in the sky, she would come running to me and say,

 Mashal, jaldi say bari si smile kar
(Mashal, Quickly show me a big smile)

Once I smiled, she would close her eyes and pray.

I never understood the logic behind this ritual. Never even heard of it. She was the only one who did it. She truly believed that if you see the new moon and right after that see someone you love smiling, you can pray for whatever you want and it will come true. I always made fun of her for doing this. Called her silly and childish. Today I realize that her love for moon was so real that she herself left this world and turned a star. The brightest star, shining right next to the moon.

Where this New Ramzan Moon sent a wave of happiness and excitement around the globe, I yearned for Ayesha to come running after me and forcing me to smile for her so that her prayer would come true. With this thought I looked at that brightest star up in the sky right next to the moon, smiled and dropped a tear at the same time knowing that she needs to see ‘the smile’, the smile that would make her prayers come true…


2 thoughts on “The New Moon!

  1. sudhir sharma June 25, 2017 / 3:05 PM

    Our rituals are very much connected to heart, so are your words and the ritual you have mentioned. She should be your younger sister but this is my guess only. Anyway, very soulful writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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