To My ‘soon to be married’ Best Friend..

Six years since we met, it has been a beautiful journey till now. I can’t believe its your big day tomorrow. The day you have been waiting for since your childhood, the day we have been planning for so long and today, when the day has arrived it actually feels something else. It makes me feel happy, sad and jealous at the same time. Tomorrow is the day you are going to start a new life. All of a sudden someone would mean much more to you than everybody else. You will make new memories with him and our memories will slowly fade away.

Today all our memories came flooding back to me. We were inseparable. Such a beautiful little family we had become. Or perhaps more than a family. We have literally grown up together. Experienced the world together. Laughed, cried and laughed till we cried together. Loved and cared for each other at our worst because when nobody else understood us, only we knew what pain we were going through. It makes me smile how our friendship had been tested numerous times but the best thing is that every time we never even thought of giving up on each other. We forgave each other without even asking for explanations or being sorry. Encouraged, protected and defended each other against all the odds and threats. Bunking classes, late night movies, funny rickshaw rides, our shopping sprees, cracking silly jokes on others, mimicking Amber Mall (our hostel warden), acting pregnant and drunk, long walks, telling each other horror stories, dancing like maniacs and what not! All this made our friendship grow super strong.

How powerless we were that we could not stop the time until it drifted us apart one by one and everyone got busy with their professional lives. But even though we are hundreds of miles apart our hearts still beat together. We never fail to understand each others silence even on the phone calls and text messages. And when we talk, we do not take a second to turn into the same crazy kidults we once were 🙂

Thank you for giving me so many wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of my life. You guys are my lifelines and will always be. I live because you guys helped me. I love because you guys loved me. And hey you! The bride to be! We wish you all the happiness in the world. You are one crazy person but try to be a sensible wife 😛 We will always stand by your side no matter what.

Love You.


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